Caffeinated Duck Lips

Caffeinated Duck Face

Life never stops, there is always something that needs doing. For us at Sidewalk Hustle that is the truth, from traveling around our city to traveling the world, from discovering new music to discovering new fashion brands, life is always on the go. This is a reality and one thing we relish in is taking some time out of each and every day to enjoy the “little things” in life. For us this usually involves a nice cup of coffee (often a flat white) and park to sit in and enjoy it in. One of our guilty pleasures, and something that fits perfectly into the equation is a guilty pleasure, like a can of Pringles. Last year we celebrated the release of the new tortilla flavours, so our love of Pringles shouldn’t come as a surprise.

This time around, we took time to enjoy one of the first mythical “nice sunny days” in Toronto, we thought it would be cute (and hopefully hilarious) to show you our own #PringlesDuckLip. You know what we’re talking about: when you take a couple of chips and make duck lips with them, aka the original duck face. Our original duck lip is called the Caffeinated Duck, because… well watch the video below and find out for yourself!

Once you get a good laugh from the Caffeinated Duck, make sure to share yours via Twitter or Facebook utilizing the hashtag #PringlesDuckLip. Not only could you win a pretty epic prize pack, but your very own original duck lip creation could be featured in an upcoming #PringlesDuckLip documentary!

Check out our Caffeinated Duck face below now.

*Contest entries submitted by participants could potentially appear in a #PringlesDuckLip video (on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube) and Pringles owns rights to use any materials for use on Pringles social media channels, marketing materials, and on their respective websites