It’s a Canadian Content dream.

Polaris Music Prize winning producer Kaytranada and rapper Cadence Weapon aka Rollie Pemberton (a fellow Polaris past nominee) have come together to make a Montréal anthem which their beloved city deserves. The track is called “My Crew (Woo)” and it goes hard. As Pemberton explained

“’My Crew (Wooo)’ is an anthem about unapologetically being who you want to be, no matter what anybody else thinks. There’s a sense of personal freedom that’s unique to Montreal and ‘My Crew (Woooo)’ is a representation of that feeling. It’s the Brooklyn of Canada. It’s where every artistically minded person goes to freak-out for a few years and find themselves. The music scene in Montreal is very insular, you’re always meeting friends and making music. I met Kaytranada while DJ’ing in Montreal a few years ago and we’ve become friends. ‘My Crew’ is a song about defying the labels that people try to place on artists. Is it underground? Mainstream? Conscious? Trap? Who cares, as long as it sounds dope.”

Listen to “My Crew (Woo)” below and keep your fingers crossed for more new Cadence Weapon.