French luxury car maker Bugatti bids au revoir to its iconic Chiron hypercar with the release of the last production model, “L’Ultime.” Making its original debut in 2016, the Chiron went on to set the standard in the automotive world by being the first road-going car with 1,500 hp and the first production car to exceed 300 mph. Essentially, if you need speed, this is your car! The limited edition L’Ultime supercar will be the last 500 units made in the Chiron era, and of course, all will be hand-assembled in Molsheim, France.


The “L’Ultime” edition pays homage to the original 2016 Chiron and comes in a gradient blend of “French Racing Blue” and “Atlantic Blue” that spreads across the wheels and mirrors. With a special blue Bugatti macaron in the grille, hand-written location references significant to the car’s history scrolled across the doors, and the number “500” peppered throughout and across the exterior, wheel caps, rear wing and engine cover.  The interior features “Deep Blue” leather and “Blue Carbon Matt” accents, with hand-stitched details.

Get up close and personal with the final edition Chiron above.