It’s been over 15 years since Chris Martin stumbled across the beach while singing “look at the stars, look how they shine for you”. In his solo debut since departing from local indie-dance duo Natural Animal, Bronto has given the classic love song a modern spin:

One night a couple years ago Craig and I went to a party. As the evening was winding down Craig picked up a guitar and started singing Coldplay’s Yellow. Everyone in the room was floored. I knew right away that this needed to be recorded. From that point it took two years to get the beat right and convince Craig to sing on it (he’s a tough one to crack). Nevertheless, here we are. This is my solo debut, Yellow. If you like it, spread the love – Matt Hunter aka Bronto

Not departing from the original’s simplicity, the cover becomes the equivalent of an auditory sunrise thanks to stripped down synths and the justice-doing vocals of local singer/songwriter Craig Stickland.

You can expect more originals soon, give him a follow here.