Broken Social Scene “Forced To Love”

Check it out! Broken Social Scene’s first official video from their Polaris shortlisted Forgiveness Rock Record for the single Forced To Love off”. Since BSS has about eleven-thousand members, all of whom are immensely successful and busy musicians in their own right, so it is almost impossible to fit every member in a single video. So what does one do in this post Avatar world? You go 3D!

Check out the pretty slick video below! Also a big thank you! and shout-out! to AUX TV for hooking us up with the Exclusive Premiere!
UPDATE: unfortunately there was some confusion on the actual release date for this video, which of course means it is on hold for the time being. For all of you who actually saw it… good wasn’t it? For those of you who did… it’s the internet, it will be back REAL soon.