Two new publications centred around cannabis culture, Broccoli and Gossamer, are about to launch.

As cannabis becomes more and more mainstream, these new publications aim to take advantage of the growing popularity of the once underground culture. Speaking to Business of Fashion, Gossamer co-founder Verena von Pfetten said, “it’s a totally open industry and a topic that I felt was like really exciting, under-served and under-covered.” Both brands feature a bright and clean aesthetic, but have slightly different visions. Broccoli calls themselves “a magazine created by and for women who love cannabis,” while Gossamer has taken a more journalistic approach, exploring travel, food and culture. Broccoli will be published three times a year, with its first issue launching this November. Gossamer has already begun hosting events and will be unveiling tons of digital content plus a print publication set to debut next year. Speaking to Vogue, Broccoli founder Anja Charbonneau, says she wants to lean into the unexpected element of the topic, “I love that I can be weirder on the editorial and design side, and more open overall.”

We can’t wait to see how these two brands develop, stay tuned!