Water is the worlds most precious resource and in celebration of World Water Day today, Brita Canada has launched a limited edition ME to WE Statement Water Bottle. It’s easy to forget in a world of accessibility most of us live in, that one in ten communities lack access to something as essential as clean water.

This year, Brita Canada and the WE movement are standing up for clean water with the release of their refillable filtering bottle which provides a years water supply to a person in Irkaat, Kenya and replaces up to 300 plastic water bottles from ending up in landfills. Imagine changing someone’s life with the simple purchase of a reusable water bottle!? Talk about the perfect way to celebrate world water day!

“For us, World Water Day marks the perfect opportunity to spark conversation about clean water and what it means for communities living far beyond our borders,” Sarah Au, Marketing Manager Brita® Canada.

By showing Canadians the lasting impact such a small change like drinking tap water can have globally, Brita continues to provide clean water to more than 23,624 people per year to date. That’s a pretty major change for women and girls who spend 200 million hours a day retrieving water, who will instead have an opportunity to get an education.

With the purchase of each specially marked product, Brita supports Filter for Good, which will provide clean water to the community in Irkaat, Kenya through the drilling of a borehole. The initiative also includes local programming in Irkaat to establish a Water Management Committee to maintain and repair the water infrastructure. This will provide a lasting water source for years to come, decreasing waterborne illnesses, and improve overall health for the community.

“It starts with being conscious of the choices we make and the impact we are capable of,” says Au. So why not start today by making the change to filtered tap water with Brita’s refillable Limited Edition ME to WE Statement Water Bottle instead of a plastic bottle that will end up in a landfill.

Pick up a specially marked Brita Filter For Good product today at many major retailers across Canada and track your impact here!