This is Akihabara. But it’s known as Electric Town. Bright lights. Arcades. Video-games. Magic the Gathering and Pokemon Cards. Every sort of animal-centric cafe, and so much more flash, blink and draw the eye in. Taking a break from the shopping of Harajuku, the sakura in Yoyogi, the art everywhere we headed to Electric Town to try our luck at the arcades and try to set a new high score and maybe even win a furry little toy in the claw machine (we didn’t). Because we knew we would have to be agile and nimble on our feet (Dance Rush) we wore the hot af new (ish) Puma Cali’s.

This reimagined silhouette, a take on the classic PUMA California, stands out with a kick-ass platform while still giving off that laid back, West Coast vibe. Perfect for busting a move or striking a pose. Basically everyday stuff in Tokyo.

Like what you see? Then head into your nearest Footlocker now to grab a pair.