Italian luxury brand Bottega Veneta has announced an all-new collection of candles for their constantly growing home line. The new candle collection is designed to look both beautiful and smell wonderful, with three distinct scents: “Redstone,” “Lantern,” and “Raintree.” Each candle is housed in a ceramic cup, slightly dipped in a multi-toned lava glaze that corresponds to its name and smell. “Redstone” features a calming smell and is dipped in a red finish, while “Raintree” is natural and fresh and is finished in a green colour, and “Lantern” boasts a warm, cozy scent and is coloured an inviting yellow.  The molten glaze on each candleholder is applied individually before being finished by flame, which produces air bubbles throughout the design. Meanwhile, each candle’s wax is melted in a kiln and hand-poured into their containers in Italy.

Bottega Veneta’s new candle line will launch online and in-store on Wednesday, May 22, in the brand’s Asia stores and will cost approximately $395 USD.