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There are very few things more interesting to me than Canadian history. I know a lot of people would argue, “what Canadian history?” but that kind of ignorance usually leaves me in a state of deep-rooted dislike for the speaker. One of the most important, and now iconic players in early Canadian history is the Hudson’s Bay Company, who were once fur traders, settlers, and the biggest landowners to modern day fashion leaders.

The Hudson’s Bay Company has a rich, 300-year plus history interwoven with Canada’s own, and in this new book due out in May 2011, publishing company Assouline provide us with more than 200 illustrations discovering the brand’s iconic past. Featuring a foreward by Tyler Brule, introduction from Joan K. Murray and text by Mark Reid the book promises to be a beautiful look into one of the greatest country’s in the worlds, past. Scroll down for a closer look into the upcoming book below.