It’s been over 10 years since British rock band Bloc Party smashed their way onto the scene, perfectly capturing the post 9/11 turmoil and loneliness of the new millennia with their debut Silent Alarm. Since then there have been an additional three albums, a couple of solo projects, all of which failed to capture the heat and power of that initial debut. Of course, this left the band looking which left the band looking both inwards and outwards for something more, something new.

Here we are today, with a hopeful brand new single from the group, and featuring two new members drummer Louise Bartle and bassist Justin Harris, who replace founding members Matt Tong and Gordon Moakes. The track is titled “The Love Within” and is definitely more dance-pop than it is indie-pop, showcasing their mature musical leanings. Hopefully, they have found the sound that makes them happy as a band.

Listen to the new single from Bloc Party (version 2.0) below.