Blackbird Occult Collection

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A few weeks back the lovely designers behind Blackbird jewellery Regan Hayes and Vanessa Marino revealed their coven to Toronto. Made up of female supporters and friends of their label through the years, the launch party was part exhibit and part preview to launch their new Occult collection.

Inspired by witchy women, their powerful mystery and charming magic, the Occult collection features coveted layerable statement necklaces, stone pendants, bracelets, and one, kind of awesome headdress.

The collection was highlighted by clothing grids from their supporters and friends like blogger Gracie Carroll, stylist Amarsana Gendonova, JOLIE handbags designer Ivy Chen, 889 co-founders Emily Ridout and Christine Russell, as well as musician Marnie Herald, each including their pick from the Occult collection.

“As we researched the world of occult, we discovered that one woman’s power is only greater when joined with other women. Bound together to form a coven, they protect and support each other. With this, we decided to form our own “coven” of the most bewitching women we know.”

The Occult collection is available online as well Brika, Coal Miner’s Daughter, and HProject in Toronto.

Take a look at some of the photos from the launch event below.

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Blackbird Occult Collection