Blackberry Z10 – TELUS Learning Center

As we all know, the best way to learn how to use a new phone is to play with it as much as possible. But things can quickly get overwhelming leaving us unsure where to start or go to next, this is where the TELUS Learning Center came into play. Throughout, you are able to experiment with your phone while at the same time having some guidance. Having someone suggest just what to try next and providing examples was incredibly helpful and speeds up the learning process.

The learning specialist who is there to help is very knowledgeable about the phone and can answer just about any question you might have. So make sure you stop by one of TELUS’s Learning Center’s if you need help getting started with your awesome new phone.

I must say that the Blackberry Z10 is an extremely intuitive device. After only using the phone for 45 minutes to an hour I was becoming quite comfortable with things. The largest learning curve is probably the fact that the phone is centered on swiping. Almost all buttons have been eliminated from the phone and you control almost all actions through swiping in different directions and areas on the phone. However, once you get used to the swipe technology it really does become one of the easier phones to use.

The phone itself is quite unique as they have eliminated almost all buttons that might stick out. It sits nicely in your hand and is actually smaller than I expected.

Everything about the Blackberry Z10 is sleek and minimalist while still offering full utility.

Check out Wednesday’s Virtual Learning Center below.

One slightly unrelated but still important note is the fact that TELUS is partnered with the WWF and they graciously adopted a giant panda as a donation for each of us who attended the learning center. TELUS will actually be using CGI panda’s in their new commercials and will continue to participate in promotions that will benefit the panda’s!