Our favourite local lippy creator has done it again! Bite Beauty, which if you didn’t already know are created right here in Toronto, has curated one of the boldest lip collections of the year! The ever growing Amuse Bouche collection has just added six stunningly bold shades that will surely get you through all your summer shindigs.

The new shipment adds six rather striking Sweet & Savoury shades. The first three include Thistle (a muted, taupe/mauve), Taro (a matte plum), and Lavender Jam (a boldly pigmented lavender) while the next three shades are very intense and dramatic. Whiskey (a burnt brick brown), Kale (a jade black) and Squid Ink (a navy black) are bold to say the least, but would pair beautifully with a nude eye.

Like all Bite Beauty products, these lipsticks are free of parabens and created with fresh pressed fruits and twelve different edible oils. You can purchase these ultra creamy shades at your local Sephora store, or online at Sephora.com

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Swatches

Amuse Bouche from BITE Beauty on Vimeo.