Live Music: Bishop Morocco at Parts and Labour, Toronto

Bishop Morocco rocked out at Parts and Labour last saturday in true Parkdale attire with rolled up skinny jeans and sleeves, oxfords, with perfectly combed hair.

Gazing at my respective oxfords, the euro-Toronto westenders humbly played their electronic new wave tracks to the packed tiny, yet trending live music space called “The Shop” within the bar.

Though it’s hard to tell in such a small space, these guys can really jam out and play their instruments with precision similar to their 80’s counterparts New Order and The Smiths.

Powering through their ten track album saying little more between each track than a humble Thanks, the crowd was warmed by equally great openers Little Girls and New York’s more psych-popping Procedure Club yet left wanting more at the end of BM’s set when they thanked the crowd again and ended by saying they had run out of songs to play.

Sounding pretty different on the album than they do live, both are equally good in their own right and if you ever get a chance to check them out live, you’re in for a rather excellent treat.