November 7th is international N7 day for all Mass Effect fans, and of course every year Bioware treats them to some sort of Mass Effect related goody. This year is no different, and with Mass Effect: Andromeda coming out next year, fans were treated to a brand new trailer showcasing the gameplay, in-engine capabilities, and storyline. The trailer gives us a look trials your Ryder will face, the friends you will make along the way and the enemies you will face to face as you become the new Pathfinder and pave the way for the human race.

Mass Effect: Andromeda follows one of the Ryder siblings as they traverse a new galaxy looking for a new home for the human race. Along the way you pick up new allies, fight new enemies, and develop the story through your choices. Set to release in Spring 2017, check out the latest trailer above and stay tuned for more information as it’s revealed.