In a statement released yesterday, Barney’s senior vice president of menswear Jay Bell announced that Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour merchandise (that we wrote about in this article here), will be sold at the Madison Ave. and Chelsea Barney’s locations as of Saturday. This capsule collection is perfectly timed to release just 2 days before Justin’s Purpose Tour performance at Madison Square Gardens. Barney’s has never carried tour merchandise before, but Jay Bell’s statement says it all:

“It is the first time we’ve done it, but it felt right. It felt like something that would resonate with our customers, and that could sit seamlessly with the other brands we sell.”

The 31 piece unisex collection, currently seen on the Purpose Tour website, includes pieces that range from $50 USD tees to $1675 USD leather jacket. The Barney’s collaboration will garner a sigh of relief from Bieber fans who have tried to grab pieces online with no luck; as of today, the entire Purpose Tour Merch website seems to be sold out. Let’s see if Barney’s can sell out of this capsule collection within a weekend.