Last night was a big night for Very American Things: it was the final game for baseball’s World Series, and the Country Music Awards. To make November 2, 106 all the more patriotic for Americans, just hours before the awards ceremony the CMAs announced Beyonce was set to hit the stage for a special performance. With an obvious cry for ratings, the CMAs kept it vague about her appearance, left all The Beyhive on the edge their seat in hope they weren’t in on a cruel gag since, well, since when was Beyonce a country music star?

The CMAs kept their word, and Beyonce stepped on stage with country music crossover stars Dixie Chicks on a collaborative performance of Lemonade track “Daddy Lessons.” Dixie Chicks have bee covering the track on the rounds of their latest tour. It was hands down the performance of the night, regardless if you watched the award or not, because when Beyonce turns up, she shuts the house down.

Beyonce and Dixie Chicks have also been so generous enough to slap up a studio recorded version of their collab to Soundcloud and have made the track free. Watch the performance and snatch up this new version of “Daddy Lessons” from Soundcloud below.