Brooklyn indie rock band Beverly are back with a new song and news of a sophomore album. If, like many of us, you’ve been in a situation where your feelings aren’t returned, “Crooked Cop” is the jam.

Every time I see you it still makes me sick with desire / But there are a few things that I just wouldn’t do for hire / And I tell you how I feel but I know you’re wearing a wire / Cause you’re on the take / Like a crooked cop

Songs about unrequited love aren’t groundbreaking but Beverly compares it to the unfair power some cops seem to wield. Speaking to Spin, Drew Citron said “Sometimes it seems like cops can get away with anything. And that’s what it feels like to be led into the weeds by a crush. ‘Crooked Cop’ is about a deceitful relationship, and how hard it can be to get a handle on someone you love. It was a fun way to write a song that’s been written a million times — using cops.”

The follow up to 2014’s Careers is out this Spring via Kanine Records. Listen to “Crooked Cop” above.