Best Roads To Osheaga 2013 with Chevrolet Canada

Chevrolet osheaga

It’s safe to say last weekend at Osheaga was without a doubt epic. Thanks to lovely folks at Chevrolet Canada it was the first year we tried our hand at driving down to the festival in a sweet new cobalt blue Chevrolet Trax. My partner in crime for the weekend Kate Killet (blogger, internerd, and all around cool girl) kept me company on the ride down to Montreal manning the XM Radio flipping and an Osheaga playlist that got us well pumped for six hours. We enjoyed the ride down so much we only stopped once and even managed to make it into town with one tank of gas, hows that for fuel-efficient!?!

We headed to the festival every day bright and early on the metro to make it in time for our interviews and to catch up and coming acts like Jessie Ware, Bad Things, DIIV, and Daughter, then crashed hard every night after the after party at the beautiful Hotel 10 (formally The Opus Hotel). The top sets of the festival weekend were Beck, DisclosurePhoenix, Alt-JVampire WeekendHoly Ghost!Jessie Ware and the closer Hot Chip. We also spotted some stylish festival goers and throughout the weekend, follow the link below to see all our style shots from the weekend.

Despite the crazy traffic coming back from Osheaga we had a blast experiencing the Chevy Trax and used the time spent sitting stopped on the highway creating our own FourSquare location (and enticing other drivers to check in too), taking cloud ohptos on instagram, making road trip vines, and playing the XM radio loudly.

Check out all our photos and vines of the festival and the road trip below.

Chevrolet Trax

Disclosure Osheaga 2013 4

Holy Ghost Osheaga 2013-4

Osheaga Crowd

Jessie Ware Osheaga 2013

Osheaga Scenery 2

Beck Osheaga 2013

Phoenix at Osheaga 2013

Osheaga Scenery 1

Vampire Weekend Osheaga 2013

Hot Chip Osheaga 2013-6

Alt J Osheaga 2013-6


Quebec Highway


Check out our Osheaga Music Festival style shots: