Best places to visit in California

California is also known as the golden state. It is for a reason! 

California has a diverse culture and offers a geographical context while traveling through the vibrant cities. The culinary scenes are critically praised by people and are gold to the travelers and foreign tourists. Wherever you go, it is a true state of sight to behold, whether you are hiking over the trails in one of the parks, having a tan in the sun, moving through the northern valleys, walking at southern shorelines under the stars, everything is embraced and is breathtaking. Check here for the Visa updates for this beautiful city!


This is California’s largest natural landscapes, Yosemite National Park consists of about 1200 square miles of excitement and thrill: millennia-old sequoia trees, one of the most different rock formations throughout the United States, towing waterfalls, mind-blowing and dauting cliffs. Even after its huge size, it might be hard to believe that major of the tourist activities occur inside the 8 square mile area of the valley.

San Francisco

San Francisco shines with beauties of live, where you go, it will surprise you. Whether you are going high or low on a cable car, exploring one of the city’s neighbourhood which are culturally diverse, looking at the beautiful redwoods situated near Golden Gate Bridge, or exploring the world’s most renowned food with more than 30 high-end restaurants here. San Francisco’s vibes is always electric. You can always relax by the beautiful Golden Gate Park after a busy day of exploring the city.

San Diego

San Diego is finest in all southern California. It has. Warm weather all year around, endless stretch of shorelines where you can surf everywhere, with the famous Mexican food you can find in the United States of America. During the daytime, you can visit various attractions like the Balboa Park which is home to many museums in the city, the USS Midway Museum which has a housing based inside an aircraft carrier, or the San Diego Zoo which is also known to be considered, one of the best museums in the country and is very popular among the visitors. At the evening, the Gaslamp Quarter is the place to be at, bustling vibes, the restaurants and bars are filled with a friendly crowd. 

Lake Tahoe

Whenever you visit the lake, at any time, you will have many ways to enjoy the place. During the winter time, Lake Tahoe becomes a ski spot which is popular among the people. During the summer time, the locals drive their rental boats over the lake. Even if your main motive is to relax by the lake, do not leave the place without a light hike around the D.L. Bliss State Park or the Emerald Bay State Park to catch one of the best views of the lake. 


This place is a part of traveler’s soul because it has a stunning natural beauty with small-town vibes and it is the reason why people keep coming back to this place again and again. Monterey is filled with beaches that are perfect for pictures and seaside neighbourhoods that are absolutely charming. The Monterey Bay Aquarium resides here, it is known for one of the best aquariums in the country, as per the consideration of people and no tour will be complete without exploring the area that surrounds it. You can always visit the Carmel to look about its art galleries and boutiques, or Pebble Beach is a good choice to head, it has golf courses which are one of the world’s most famous in all. 

Big Sur 

You will have to make a trek to this place, to the edge of the ocean to see the scenes of spellbinding beauty, it has a habit of putting travellers into embracing it to trance. This rugged coastline stretch is about 90 miles long which allows you for walking the trails which go inside-out from the area’s valleys and mountains, along the pathways that head to the wild, untouched beaches. If you don’t know where to start from, then you can go to the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park which is the place for many first-time travellers. 

Napa Valley

This valley is a hold of royalty as one of the best wine places in the entire world. It is luxurious and attracts tourists for being this hot-spot. The valley is not only famous for high-end impressive hotels, but you will also find a lot of dining places that are highly rated. There are some kid-friendly wineries, including the 13th century Tuscan castle named Castello Di Amorosa which serves apple juice to the young ones instead of wines. When you are prepared to walk of all that wine and food, you can head to the Robert Louis Stevenson State Park for a light walk or a hike with beautiful scenes.