Belvedere x (RED) 2016 #MakeTheDifference Campaign ft. John Legend & Esther Mahlangu

Vodka brand Belvedere has officially announced the launch of their 2016 #MAKETHEDIFFERENCE campaign in conjunction with (RED). To celebrate this year’s partnership the two brands have teamed up with singer John Legend and celebrated South African Ndebele artist Esther Mahlangu on a specially designed Belvedere bottle. In addition to the special bottle, John Legend has recorded a brand new single, “Love Me Now” as the campaign anthem.


“I’ve always enjoyed working with (RED). When Belvedere presented this opportunity to help support a product that I would already buy and that was going to help save lives, I thought it was a great idea,” says John Legend. “I was so excited when I saw Esther’s design for the bottle: I think it’s beautiful and it marries her esthetic with the esthetic of Belvedere, it connects it to the culture and to the people we’re trying to help.”

Esther Mahlangu - Belvedere RED

To kick off the 2016 #MAKETHEDIFFERENCE campaign, Belvedere hosted its first ‘One Night for Life’ benefit in New York City at the world’s famous Apollo Theater with a special solo performance from John Legend. To kick the night off, (RED) co-founder and U2 frontman BONO made a special video speech in which he rapped about John and Esther’s participation in the campaign, how John met and had sexual relations with his wife, and more awkwardness. Thankfully it was over quickly.
John Legend-2-Belvedere RED

President of Belvedere Vodka Charles Gibb states, “Belvedere is delighted to continue the Belvedere (RED) campaign with the help of these passionate artists, who are as dedicated as we are to spreading awareness and being a part of the change to end the transmission of HIV from mother to child. Together, we can Make The Difference.”


The limited edition Belvedere (RED) bottle features artwork from Esther Mahlangu alongside John Legend’s signature with 50% of the profits from every bottle sold will be donated to the Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. The special bottle will be available September 1st at select retailers around the world.