Toronto-based skincare brand Bella Aura has unveiled a new curative elixir designed for all skin types and made with good-for-you ingredients.

This 8-in-1 skin-soothing tonic protects, prevents, rebalances, reinforces, restores, refreshes, revives, replenishes and regulates the appearance of skin.

Outfitted in a sleek black bottle, this multitasking elixir rapidly diminishes the appearance of acne-prone skin, inflamm-ageing, redness and allergic reactions. Infused with restorative antioxidants, micro silver, Norwegian spruce and balloon vine, it deeply clarifies, soothes, hydrates and keeps skin free from harmful bacteria that cause inflammation, and reduces a major stress factor affecting the appearance of skin. Pair it with the brand’s Hydra Revive Treatment, a super lightweight yet deeply replenishing microemulsion for an all-day healthy-looking complexion

Rapid Repair Clarifying Elixir is available now at for $99.