Rob Granicolo is a mixologist that knows how to make the dark, spicy, hellfire kind of bitters that make cocktail connoisseurs tingle. Dividing his time behind the bar at Ufficio and Pinkerton’s Snack Bar, Rob is the mastermind behind The Minister Group, a stylized cocktail experience where curious drinkers can learn a thing or two about crafting cocktails. Reviving old classics with a new twist, his secret has always been in the bitters: the rich herbal essences of bare bones cocktails. Teaming up with lifestyle collective, Tokyo Smoke, Rob’s got a secret ingredient he’s working on for his next cocktail. He calls it, “Shibuya Go”.

“The cocktail is inspired by Japan’s busiest intersection,” explains Rob. It’s a convergence of flavours, a seriously smooth cocktail made from Tokyo Smoke’s GO espresso, tequila and strong chili bitters. The drink has subtle charm with a sweet aftertaste for a warm winter pick-me-up. Guaranteed to impress any gentleman (or cocktail snob), Shibuya Go hits all the right notes.

Shibuya GO

2oz Tequila Tromba Blanco
1oz Italian Rosso or Cocchi
3 Dash Tokyo Smoke “GO” Bitters


Begin by placing a coupe style cocktail glass in the freezer. Add all measured ingredients to a cocktail mixing glass and fill with cracked ice. Stir ingredients until chilled, around 25 seconds. Remove the glass from the freezer. Strain the mixture into the chilled glass. Garnish with a piece of orange zest after releasing oils over the cocktail.

Bitters are sold at Tokyo Smoke’s flagship at 850B Adelaide Street West in Toronto.

Rob Granicolo | Above Photo by Jessica Blaine Smith, header image by Sean Berrigan