Mary Young is a lingerie designer that isn’t sleeping in. Shipping hundreds of moving inventory from her King West studio to customers across the country, Mary is at the top of her game before the clock strikes 8 AM. Running her e-commerce lingerie and lifestyle brand as a solo operation, there’s no time to waste when you’re a recognizable namesake in the city’s most talked about boutiques and retailers. Put it this way: sleeping isn’t an option when you’re supplying this much demand.

Behind the scenes of her online empire, Instagram is Mary’s secret weapon. “I don’t need an agency to find my models,” explains Mary, “Instagram connects me with real women who embody the brand: they’re confident, passionate and don’t define themselves by size.” It’s one of the most distinctive elements of her brand that has helped her become the namesake she is today. For Mary, hustling is about empowering women to make every hour count from sunrise to sunset.

Here’s why real women love Mary Young:

Julie Ursel X Bra Top

“I was taught to surround myself with others who inspire and make me want to be a better person. That includes Mary – I’ve watched her grow her brand from the beginning and her talent and hustle inspires me every day.”

Chloe Li-Chapman X T-Strap Bra

“I love how comfy the T-Strap Bra is. It looks sporty but girly at the same time, which is why I love Mary because she gets me.”

Jessie Frederick X Logan Bra

“My style is best described as comfortable (fashion is NOT pain).”

Rowan Mac X Bra Top

 “I love the Bra Top. It’s super comfortable, flattering and even though it has a lot of coverage I find it’s still sexy, especially with the added straps along the waist.”

Emily Monkman X Lux High Waste Brief

“Mary strives to design clothing that makes ALL women feel beautiful in their own skin. Her brand is an embodiment of a woman who isn’t afraid to be bold.”

Bianca Scarlato X Lux Lounge Pant

“The only thing stopping anyone from achieving greatness is yourself, and once you can overcome those unneeded thoughts and feelings, you can get out of bed and hustle, and you can become who you want to be.”

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