All hail Kat Von D and the glorious new Shade + Light Glimmer Palette! We’re at a loss for words when it comes to this particular Shade + Light Palette but let us unpack the reasons why we adore it.

The new Glimmer Palette is similar to their Contour Palette in terms of layers and shades. The only difference is that extra-luxiourious shimmer that has been added to six of the shades (they almost look foil-esque, as if it would be difficult to pick up pigment on your brush). That is until you swirl your brush and realize you’re basically applying beautiful fairy-dust to your eyelids.

These shadows are soft yet intensely pigmented! They also blend beautifully together when applied with a blending brush. The six matte shades in the palette work perfectly for a cut crease, as well as a shadow liner. It’s also more on the neutral side, so it works well for all skin-tones. It’s versatility allows you to create a variety of different looks, and can take you from day to night, with the swipe of a shadow.

Like all Kat Von D products, if you can find one of these in-stock, and you like that summer-time, shimmery eye, you’re definitely going to want to pick one up.

image by Hawley Dunbar for Sidewalk Hustle