The Les Beiges De Chanel family has added some new members and we’re already in love! This makeup is perfect all-year round makeup to actually enhance your natural beauty. Chanel Les Beige is  some of the most lightweight, dewy, makeup we have ever used.

The first new addition to the collection is the Healthy Glow Gel Touch Foundation. It’s available in nine beautiful shades, so there’s definitely one for every skin tone. It’s an aqua-gel foundation, which means it’s made from 56% water, making your skin feel so fresh you practically glow as you apply it. It has a medium coverage, but is very buildable if more coverage is needed once applied. It also has a lovely scent, which adds to the angelic glowy feeling we mentioned earlier. It’s doubtful we’ll ever fall out of love with this gem!

But of course, when you’re applying foundation, you need a brush and the collection features a perfect retractable one. Where was this brush ten years ago?? The angled tip gets into the tight areas around the nose and lips, and it doesn’t pick up any additional product, so there’s no waste! It’s a tiny brush that comes with a lid, so it’s perfect to throw into your purse or travel bag, when you’re heading out. This brush is also particularly easy to clean – bonus!

Next up is the Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Stick. It’s available in two new colours: a shimmery pink and a sunny-like coral. These cream blush sticks blend perfectly into the skin whether you’re wearing makeup or not. They leave your cheeks looking flushed and fresh, like you just went on a 5km run, without like actually running. The pearlescent finish adds that perfect bit of shimmer your cheeks have always dreamed of.

Finally, there’s the Healthy Glow Natural Eyeshadow Palette. The natural shades are meant to boost the natural sparkle of the eyes and accentuate the colour and shape. Each shade blends perfectly into the other and build well when applying more than one or two. It’s a great everyday palette and will definitely take you from day-to-night through all the seasons.

All in all, we love you Les Beiges De Chanel!

image by Hawley Dunbar for Sidewalk Hustle