Beauty Must Have: Stowaway Cosmetics

Stowaway Cosmetics

It’s never fun when you’re heading out for a night on the town, and your makeup bag is two times the size of the clutch you picked out. Problems of the first world variety. Stowaway Cosmetics, which launched this week is here to change that situation. Packaged in much smaller containers, the collection is designed for the busy woman who always needs her essential beauty products close at hand.

Obviously this product line is convenient but it’s also extremely cost effective. At $75.00 you can purchase the entire Stowaway kit, which includes a BB Cream, mascara, lipstick, eyeliner, concealer and cheek rouge. Pretty remarkable, seeing as you can purchase a container of foundation for well above that. Not to mention that people rarely use a full-size product completely, before it expires.

Stowaway is definitely a neat concept, and we’re looking forward to testing it, however as true beauty lovers, we could never turn our back on our favourite brands and products.

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