Beauty Must Have: NARS Kabuki Brushes

NARS Kabuki Brushes

NARS doesn’t stop. At least it seems that way. They recently expanded their Kabuki Brush line, and if your unfamiliar with Kabuki brushes, you need to get familiar! They are perfect for blending foundations and powders and they’ve just released three new brushes!

The first of the brushes is the Mie Kabuki which has a dome tipped and deposits the product evenly for flawless application. The second brush is the Mizubake Kabuki which helps achieve definition and precision when applying blush, bronzer, and contouring the face.

Finally the Kudoki Kabuki is the most unique of the three brushes, with an angled shape that blends shadows with ease into the creases. This brush can also be used to line the top and bottom lashes for that always sexy smokey eye.

The brushes are available now at Sephora. Peruse them up close below.

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