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Summer is on its last legs people and we’re starting to get into the coziest of jacket weather. To say i’m not excited would be a lie, however, with the return of cool weather, comes the dry skin (queue the horror music). Don’t fret, because Love Fresh is here to help. Developed right here in Toronto, Love Fresh has got some serious all natural products that will help you stay silky smooth and super “fresh.”

Why is Love Fresh different than other natural skin-care lines? It’s the scents. My biggest complaint when testing out organic creams, or scrubs is that well, they smell really natural. I know it’s great to not be slathering on the chemicals, but those chemicals smell lovely. Love Fresh has really done it right, and created some beautiful all natural products that smell absolutely edible.

Now that I’ve completely sold you on Love Fresh let me tell you about two of their best products, I personally use everyday.

Love Fresh Key Lime Coconut Scrub

Key Lime Coconut Scrub

I love body scrubs. It’s my favourite part of my night time routine. This Love Fresh scrub, literally makes me smell delicious, and it leaves my skin feeling baby soft and because it’s a sugar scrub, it can be used everyday.

Love Fresh Natural Cream Deodorant - Lavender Tee Tree

Natural Cream Deodorant – Lavender Tee Tree

I know making the move from your regular deodorant to an all natural one is difficult, and slightly more expensive, but I promise once you try this one, you will be so glad you converted. This Natural Cream Deodorant actually works, it truly smells amazing and it will make you feel really, really good, in the sense that you’re not applying layers of chemicals to one of the body’s most sensitive areas.

The Natural Cream Deodorant is available in three other scents, Moroccan Rose Absolute, Sweet Orange Patchouli, and Lemon Verbena.

Love Fresh is available at a variety of retailers in Ontario and across the Country. For us lazy people, who really enjoy getting packages (me) you can shop online at

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