Beauty How To: Three ways to brighten up!

How To Brighten Up

Now that the sun is shining and our summer wardrobe has made its way back to our closets, its time to brighten the most important accessory, the face.

Here are three easy ways to brighten up!

Shimmer All Over Bright

1. A little shimmer goes a long way!
Try adding a dab of shimmery (cream and/or powder) eye shadow to the inner corner of the eye, sweep it upwards and downwards until it is blended. For fair skintones use sheer pinks, creams and silvers. A very light touch of green would also do the trick! For olive and darker skintones try shimmery coppers and peach tones. Try shades of gold; it will do wonders!

White Liner

2. Highlight! Highlight! Highlight!
For a more natural highlight use a liquid formula. You can add it to your foundation or moisturizer for an all over brightening. If precision is what you’re after, try using a powder form highlight with a small blending brush. Blend into the tops of cheekbones, temples, centre of the nose and on the cupids bow above your upper lip.


ombre lip 2

3. Ombre lips.
Bright lips always help to lighten up one’s complexion. I like taking it one step further, with a beautiful ombre lip. To achieve the perfect ombre lip, apply your favorite lippy, keeping to the natural line of the lips. In the centre of the lips dab a brighter shade and blot until well blended. Add a touch of clear gloss to the centre of the lips and you are good to go. My favourite combo is a bright pink lipstick, with an orange highlight and clear gloss throughout the centre of the lips.

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