Beauty How To: The No Makeup, Makeup Look

Beauty How To No Makeup Makeup

Believe it or not, those ladies in the magazine ads washing their face, or waking up in the morning are wearing layers upon layers of makeup. However, we all want to look like we’re just naturally amazing, and of course it takes a little bit of help. In fact, you can master the no – makeup, makeup look in just seven easy steps.

Check it out below!

1. Always prep the skin with your favourite face moisturizer. If it happens to have an SPF of any level in it you’re golden.

2. To balance out skin tone, use a tinted moisturizer, this will provide the coverage you need, and not look like that typical full-face-makeup look.

3. Using a translucent powder, and a larger, more fluffy blush brush, apply a tiny amount of powder, all over the face.

4. Next grab a matte bronzer and go to town. Not really, but you are going to multitask with it. Make sure to use a matte bronzer that is only one of two shades darker than your natural skin tone. (Just incase your reading this asking why matte bronzer and not my awesome shimmery one – the reason is, bronzer is really to help contour, give the face depth and add a healthy dose of colour). Now, when we contour and shade we push product through the cheekbones, jaw line and hair-line, trying to create a more chiseled face and provide more structure. If you decide to use a shimmery bronzer, you will do the complete opposite, and your face will literally capture every ounce of light possible and you will look like a disco ball. Using an angled blush brush, lightly apply product to the hairline, temples, sides of the nose, cheekbones and jaw line. Try to limit the amount of product you use to keep the look as natural as possible. Next, take your shadow blending brush and a bit of the same bronzer used on your face and run it through the crease of your eye. Make sure to really blend this in!

5. To make your eyes pop, apply one or two coats of brown mascara on the upper lashes only. Applying mascara on the bottom will result in smudges throughout the day and well, that’s just not natural.

6. Brush through your brows using a clear brow gel or clear mascara. Brush upwards for that natural bushy look.

7. Taking a highlighter of your choice (cream is always more natural, but powder form works too) apply it to the tops of the cheekbones, brow bone, centre of the nose, cupids bow and under the bottom lip. Add a touch of your go-to chapstick and you’re a freakin’ model.

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