A smoky eye never goes out of style. Never! But sometimes it’s nice to switch up your black smoky to a soft, velvety, navy blue. All you have to do to execute this look? Follow the eight easy steps and get ready to rock the navy suede.

1. Prime and prep your eyelids using a primer of your choice.

2. Brush eyebrows upwards using a clear eyebrow gel.

3. Taking a navy blue eyeshadow pencil, swipe it along the entire eyelid stopping at the crease. Line the lower and upper water line and the bottom lash line using the same pencil. Pay attention to notice eyeshadow pencils are always thicker than a regular eyeliner.

4. Taking a blending brush (fluffy) blend the pencil on the bottom and top, getting rid of any streaks or harsh lines.

5. Apply two coats of blue or black mascara to both the upper and lower lashes.

6. Using a BB cream suited to your skin tone, buff into the skin with a buffing brush.

Apply a rose coloured cream blush with the same buffing brush to the apple of the cheeks.

8. Apply a clear gloss to the lips and you’re ready for a night out.