Beauty How To: Half Top Knot

Beauty How To Half Top Knot

Humidity and heat are the unfriendliest of elements when it comes to styling your hair. That’s why messy updo’s, or in this case messy half-updo’s, are a perfect way to stay suave, during the heat. Follow the four easy steps below, and you’ll be on your way to achieving hair style success.

1. Part your hair, dividing the top and the bottom half. If your hair is longer, keep the top half above your ears smaller than the bottom half.

2. Take the top portion of your hair and wrap it around your index finger, creating a bun.

3. Holding the hair in bun form, secure with a clear elastic.

4. Pull at some strands, making some pieces looser for that messier look. Finish your look with a flash of hair spray.