Your eyebrows are probably the most important part of your face. Not only do they create structure and symmetry, but help to frame the face and complete most makeup looks. Brow styles come and go, however the natural bushy brow has definitely decided to stick around. If you want to get your brows au natural and bushy follow these six steps!

1. Brush through eyebrows with a spuli brush (end of your eyebrow pencil).

2. Fill in any bare spots using a sharp eyebrow pencil or powder and angled brush. When filling in try drawing little hair-like lines through the brows. This helps to add dimension and give the look of actual brow hairs.

3. Taking a clear mascara, (you can also use a tinted brow gel) brush your eyebrow hairs upwards towards your hairline.

4. With a nude or pale pink pencil, draw a line underneath the brow. Remember to press gently.

5. Blend the liner into the brow bone with a flat head brush. Ensure there are no harsh lines left remaining.

6. Keep the rest of your makeup simple using little to no eye shadow. If you want to rock a bold lip, it’ll pop with the bold brow.