There’s part of your beauty routine that becomes more important when the sun begins to shine: your highlight. Available in cream, liquid, and powder form, highlighters are an essential part of your makeup bag for the spring and summer season. Using a variety of different forms of highlights, we’ve rounded up a list of ways to use them to illuminate your face and body in the upcoming months.

For the eyes:

Using a cream highlight in stick or pot form, gently dab a tiny amount on to the eyelids, blending it into the brow bone. Taking the same highlight, apply to the inner corner of the eyes and blend. This will help brighten the eyes and make them look more awake. You can also add a bit of highlight under the brow to create the look of a higher arch, and really define the brow.

For the Lips:

Any form of highlight, whether it be powder or a cream, can be used when defining the lips. Adding a dab of liquid highlight to the Cupid’s bow before lining the lips helps define them and make them appear more full. If you really want to go all out and highlight your lip, you can add a powder highlight either on top or underneath your lipstick or gloss. You need to ensure that the highlight is well blended before applying any product on top.

For the face:

For spring, we suggest a powder highlight as it’s not too hot and the makeup will most likely remain on your face for the entire day. When the heat begins it’s always best to stick with a cream or liquid highlight as they’re more blendable when your skin perspires. It’s important to highlight the high points of the faces, including the tip of the nose the cheekbones, and the temples.

For the body:

Adding a drop of liquid highlight to your favourite moisturizer can add a healthy glow to your skin. It’s best to apply this mix to areas you know that the sun will hit. For example your collar bones tops of the shoulders, and the front of your legs.