Tired of feeling tired? Same. Perpetually hitting the snooze button? Yep. I’m grumpy at the best of times, and with the declining amount of sunshine heading into winter, my energy levels are low, low, low, these days. When Philips reached out about their Somneo Sleep and Wake-Up Light and goLITE BLU Energy Light, my interest was piqued. The lights are designed to help you feel more energized, naturally, and are clinically proven to work, so I had high hopes.

On the first night with the Somneo, I placed the small, sleek circular device on my nightstand and turned it to sunset mode, which slowly decreased the light in my room and helped me drift off to sleep. I also used RelaxBreathe, a wind-down function that uses light and sound to guide breathing so I could decompress more easily. I don’t remember falling asleep, but my escape into sleep was far superior to staring at the glow of my phone for an hour before passing out. The next morning, I had my alarm set for 6 am, to catch a flight to L.A. Normally, I’m cranky if I have to wake up any earlier than 9 am and was dreading my alarm. Instead of startling awake to the harsh sounds of my phone alarm, I awoke to a pleasant glow as my room was awash in a soft yellow light, a few minutes before my alarm was set to go off.

Inspired by a natural sunrise, the light slowly increases from a red you’d see at natural dawn and progresses through to orange and bright yellow. This gradual increase in light simulates your body to wake up naturally to light and helps ease you into the morning. It also offers music, radio or nature sounds to help you wake up, with a steady increase in volume so you’re not jolted awake.

Was I tired? Decidedly less so. Grumpy? Yes, if just a touch. My morning routine and trek to the airport was definitely smoother than usual.

I’ve been using the goLITE BLU for a few weeks while I’m working and reading throughout the day . The device is small and compact, with a rechargeable battery and cord, which made it easy to move from my home office to my bedside. According to Philips research, only 20-30 minutes a day has been proven to help boost energy and promote a positive mood. It became easy to incorporate into my daily routine and I found myself growing accustomed to using the light to stay energized while working in the evening and in the morning to help ease into the day. Overall, I’m feeling a bit lighter, brighter and less worn down. I’m feeling like a slightly younger version of myself – a bit more pep in my step and less grumpy in my outlook.

*This post was made possible by Philips, however all opinions expressed are our own.