Los Angeles based grooming brand, Baxter of California has launched an inclusive new campaign designed to celebrate the lives and spirit of everyday people living in LA. The brand, which was born in LA from its founder’s independent spirit, worked to reimagined its position in men’s grooming world by creating thought-provoking, real stories and cultural observations that connect with evolving trends, preferences, and lifestyles. The result is the “Life Lived True” campaign, an honest depiction of people in modern California through a lens that’s inclusive of all expressions of masculinity— modern masculinity.

“The world is discovering now what Baxter of California has channeled since its birth in 1965. Modern masculinity is about more than just your physical appearance—it’s an expression of self that is non-binary, gender-agnostic, and blind to race or religion; a way of living bravely, unafraid of stereotypes or judgments. Venturing beyond the ordinary is in the brand’s DNA, where expertise, heritage and trends collide,”

Yasmin Dastmalchi, Baxter of California’s Global Head of Marketing.

The brand teamed up with photographer Ben Grieme to introduce “Life Lived True” in the city it has called home since 1965—Los Angeles. The series features portraits, accompanied by scenic imagery, which are designed to shine a light on the diverse subjects who were legit cast from the streets of LA. From the brand’s own female barber, to a fencing pro, a surf instructor, and more, the raw photography showcases how the subjects live their lives true, fueled by passion inherent to who they are.

Take a look at the campaign photography below and celebrate your own diverse lifestyle while staying looking fresh with some of Baxter of California’s key products now, here.