Baio Announces Debut LP + New Track “Brainwash Yrr Face”

Chris Baio, Vampire Weekend’s bassist, just announced his debut LP The Names along with a new song “Brainwash yrr Face.” The vibes on this track remind us a bit of Disclosure and with good reason. The Names marks Baio’s return to electronic music, which he dabbled in while at college. It takes its name from the 1982 Don Delillo novel.

The Names is a record that has reverberated through my mind for much of the last five years. Its themes began to take shape when I moved from New York to London in 2013. Today I’m delighted to share the first track of a record that I think is pretty tight

The nine-track LP explores space, identity, and finding your place. Baio moved to London and we can definitely hear that in the new track. We hope the rest of the LP includes more UK garage. The Names is out September 18th via Glassnote Records.

Brainwash yyrr Face
The Names
Sister of Pearl
I Was Born in a Marathon
All the Idiots
Endless Rhythm