Azealia Banks at Governors Ball Music Festival 2013

Azealia Banks Governors Ball 2013

As we patiently waited for Azealia Banks to make her Governors Ball debut, and her first musical appearance in New York in over two-year, the “small”  sky vodka tent quickly filled up and spilled out into the fields behind. Perhaps putting the212″ rapper in a small area wasn’t the best location for her? Or perhaps no one really could gauge what type of crowd she would draw, having nothing to compare with. Either way, musically hungry New Yorker chatted Yung Rapunxel’s name in eager anticipation. One super fan dressed in a maroon graduation ran through the crowd shouting “she’s my favourite rapper! I’ve waited my whole life for this!” before getting lost in the crowd.

Two minutes before her allotted start time banks stormed the stage, and jumped right into it. “Who’s already drunk?” she yelled at the mid afternoon crowd ” and who’s going to fuck tonight?” It looked like a lot of people were going to be fucking tonight. Rocking an electric orange and pink bodysuit that showed off her body, Banks took no prisoners, performing all her hits including the one that got her, her start.

This may have been her first New York concert in over two years, but from the reception she received from the fans, it will definitely not be her last.

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