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Holiday Gifts for Sneaker Lovers

It's safe to say that 2018 has been one of the most exciting years for sneaker lovers. While Nike and adidas continue to battle for the title of most popular among sneakerheads, other brands like Reebok, Converse and Puma have gone great lengths soli... More...

Five Reasons To Love The Samsung Galaxy Watch

We’re on the go. A lot. From previews and events, to Pilates and boxing class at home and abroad, it feels like we’re rarely home.When we’re getting ready to leave the house for a busy day, our list of essentials includes the basics: wallet, keys... More...

tennisXclub Shares “MOTHERLAND” Video

British-Canadian-Sudanese duo tennisXclub (comprised of artist Jonny Lingo and producer Osama Verse) just dropped a video for their new single "MOTHERLAND" and it's the afro-wave fusion energy that you need to finish up the week.Filmed on an old-... More...

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