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Live Music: Todd Terje at Movement 2012

Back at the mainstage, Todd Terje followed Greg Wilson. Terje Olsen (real name) started his set at Movement 2012 off in a very melodic, almost euphoric style. However, Terje's slot-time dictated a pick up in pace and tempo, which he did in spades.... More...

Live Music: Mark Farina at Movement 2012

Saturday started off with Mark Farina - a great start to the afternoon. Mark blended hip hop with some slower jams, giving off a trip-hop esque sound. Highlights included an "I'm on Fire" remix, a Warren G "Regulate" jam and finished off with a gre... More...

Palladium Fall Winter 2012

Do you like to pretend that you are in the French Foreign Legion while taking a stroll? Once outfitters to the French Foreign Legion, Palladium Boots meld both style and function in their Fall Winter 2012 collection.  ... More...

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