Tristan Banning

A Closer Look at the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

2020, what a strange and unusual time! A defining moment in all our lives, it would seem that no one or nothing has been left untouched. Even America's first trillion-dollar corporation, a beacon of technological innovation, Apple has succumbed to th... More...

Apple Introduces Apple Music Radio

After a solid 5-year run Apple Music's flagship global radio station Beats1 is getting an Apple-style update. Beginning today, Beats 1 will be renamed Apple Music 1, but wait, there's more. In addition to the name change, Apple Music will be launchin... More...

Super Romance – A Hustle Mix by Shad

As we wrap up another week of physical distancing a staying at home, we find ourselves running out of things to do. After checking Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for the sixth time in the last hour and convincing ourselves that we will learn that v... More...

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