Tristan Banning

Get to Know: Apple AirPods Max

It was only a matter of time tbh. Since Apple has started down the road of becoming an all-encompassing lifestyle brand, they've been slowly perfecting their audio experience. Remember when you bought an iPod and then iPhone you would get the same pa... More...

Second Annual Apple Music Awards

Apple has announced the winners of their second annual Apple Music Awards. Recognizing and honouring achievements in music across five distinct categories with the winners being chosen through a process that reflects both Apple Music’s editorial pers... More...

Test Driving the 2020 Mercedes-AMG G 63

There is no such thing as "laying low" in the Mercedes-AMG G 63 SUV. From the moment you start the car, the rumble of the twin-turbo V8 AMG engine can be heard and felt, it will turn heads as you roll on by. It certainly helps that it’s a Mercedes an... More...

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