Tristan Banning

Introducing the 2019 Acura RDX

There is something exhilarating about driving a brand new car. Aside from the obvious "new car smell" you're given the chance to really be impressed, you have no (or very little) expectations. You can fully trust your first impressions and you're wan... More...

BEYOND THE STREETS Graffiti Exhibition, LA

Kicking off early this month (May) in the graffiti-covered hallows of Los Angeles' Chinatown, one of the most extensive and comprehensive exhibits on graffiti and street art is underway. Titled  BEYOND THE STREETS (BTS), the exhibition is a groundbre... More...

Nike Unveils 2018 Air Max Day Line Up

In what has become an annual celebration created by Nike, the 2018 Air Max Day line up has been announced. The "celebration" is designed to pay homage to the existing Air Max sneakers that already exist, and there quite a few of them, while also laun... More...

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