Byron Hawes

The King is Dead – Long Live the King

So it happened. Honestly, we knew it was coming, but it doesn’t soften the blow any. At midnight, April 1st, Hedi Slimane announced that he was leaving his self-styled house of Saint Laurent Paris. April fucking fools. Everyone has that designer. Ar... More...

Fashion Week: Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

There’s been a ton of talk about the seismic shifts in the fashion universe of late. Not just that Creative Directors are quitting so quickly I’m starting to wonder if Zoolander inadvertently resurrected McCarthy, Beetlejuice steez. But that everyone... More...

The Kanye Principle

Do we even talk about anything but Kanye West anymore? Despite the barrage of news of late. The loss of King Bowie. Of Severus Snape. Of his real world Death E... More...

Byron Hawes

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