Lauren Squizzato

6 Serums To Save Your Skin This Summer

Just like winter, summer can have all kinds of negative effects on your skin. Sun damage and all the things that come with that like dark spots, dehydration, even hyper-pigmentation are no easy fix. Over the past few years, serums and oils have becom... More...

Five Face Masks To Save Your Skin

So, it’s still winter. Which means our skin is still suffering and that’s just not ok. In case you haven’t been lucky enough to escape to warmer temperatures (with poolside cocktails) just yet, we've put together a list of intense-hydrating and rejuv... More...

Why We Love Glossier’s All New Wowder

Powders are tricky. It’s really hard to find a good one that suits your skin tone perfectly, not to mention one that doesn’t cake and has the right amount of coverage to get you through the day. It's nearly impossible. At least we thought it was, unt... More...

Lauren Squizzato


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