Ashley Bruzas

How Streetwear Became High Fashion

The growing presence of streetwear in the realm of high fashion has been influencing style trends across the world. While consumers have been mixing designer pieces with streetwear staples for decades, the prominence and popularity of streetwear bran... More...

A Closer Look at 2018’s NBA All-Star Jerseys

Despite the recent success Nike has had retro-ing their most iconic sneaker silhouettes, Jordan Brand has decided to move away from tradition by utilizing signature black and white colorways on the new 2018 NBA All Star jerseys.While fans drafted... More...

Recap: The Year of all Things Gucci

There are close to a million reasons why Gucci has taken over the world this past year. From fashion, beauty, music and social media, the luxury brand has been endorsed by some of the biggest names resulting in a surge in overall growth, exposure and... More...

Ashley Bruzas

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