Music Video: Au Revoir Simone “Shadows”

Words cannot express my love for Williamsburg indie art poppers Au Revoir Simone. A mere few that come to mind are dreamy, melodic, ruminative, and lovely, but they don’t even come close to describing the multi-layered romantic make-out worthy music they produce.

The all female trio dress the part as they play their synth alt-folk on vintage keyboards and xylophones and are often spotted by street style photographers looking oh-so-cute in the seasons prim librarian-inspired attire. Their name comes from a line Pee-Wee Herman says to Simone in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure (I know, pretty random, but I like it).

Check out the video for ‘Shadows’ off their latest album Still Night, Still Light which first debuted on the David Lynch Foundation website (obviously he loves them as well!).