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This year she became the first plus-size model to appear on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and now curvy model Ashley Graham continues to redefine conventional body standards by getting her very own Barbie doll. She worked directly with Mattel to create the doll, ensuring that it has “thighs touching, round hips, arms and tummy!!” She also requested that the doll have cellulite, but eventually settled without after being told that adding cellulite to the Barbie might look like a production mistake. The doll still looks amazing, however, and offers a wonderful message to children all over the world who still look to the iconic doll as the epitome of beauty. “Beyond the fashion, it’s so incredible because, now, I’m not striving to be Barbie,” Graham said at the unveiling. “I am Barbie. Everyone can be Barbie.” Unfortunately there’s no plans for a general release of the Ashley Graham Barbie yet, but Ms. Graham seems to have a knack for making the unexpected happen.

Thighs touching, round hips, arms and tummy!! Thank you @Mattel and @Barbie for immortalizing me into plastic! ??? #beautybeyondsize

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