The Art Production Fund has revealed their latest public art project in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts – a 10-foot, fiberglass sculpture entitled ‘Little Cloud’ created by Los Angeles-based duo FriendsWithYou.

FriendsWithYou most recently collaborated with fashion label Moncler, where they used a similar cloud emblem on jackets and tees. The artists, Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval see the cloud as a symbol of love and light and hope that it will inspire visitors to interact with each other more. The duo is also planning to take ‘Little Cloud’ on tour around the world following this exhibit.

Speaking to WWD, Borkson said:

“The cloud is a very warm and sweet and light carrier of this kind of message, it’s something that is very approachable to people, no matter who it is, and where they’re coming from. It’s a symbol that everybody knows.”

‘Little Cloud’ will be on view until December at The Street outdoor shopping mall in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.