Yesterday was a wild success. Let’s see what today brings…

Day Two.

We figured we would start the afternoon with a light cocktail:

Step 1. Put the lime in the coconut.
Step 2. Put the coconut in the freezer.
Step 3. Drink it all up.

Our first stop at Epic Hotel, for the opening of Picture Start, curated by Loretta Harms and Motocinema.

The most epic thing though was our server, these rings he had, and I’m sure the story of how he came into their possession.

The design district is like an open air mall, where you’re not sure if you can afford to even breathe.

We were invited by Panerai to attend the Design Miami gala; a very exclusive five-course supper for nearly 400 people.

Hosted by this beautiful man, among others.

Back to Miami Beach for Sotheby’s jam.

Why aren’t more of the parties like this?

You know you’re on point when your contacts match your shirt AND your handkerchief.

Feeling underdressed since dinner, we decided to head down Collins to update our wardrobe.

The one in the polka-dots has fake boobs for sure. So Miami.

Surf Lounge is a pop-up bar where they charge you a random amount of money each beer. DJ Jesse Marco was amazing though.

On our way out we met these kids from Brooklyn. They are my favourite.